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The United Pentecostal Church is fellowship of Christian ministers who share a common identity, and belief in the Apostolic doctrines of salvation, and the Oneness of God. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ figures prominently in all that is done within the fellowship. It is commonly held, in harmony with scripture, that in His name is found the key to salvation, deliverance from sin, healing, holy living and all power in heaven and earth.

Characteristic in the UPC are strong Bible centered preaching, excellent and exciting musical worship (some of the music world's greatest sources, and talents are within the UPC), combined with dynamic and lively worship. Headquartered near St. Louis, congregations affiliated with UPC are multi-racial. Within the fellowship are over 10,000 ministers. Throughout over 130 countries, national preachers, and foreign missionaries work in many capacities to bring the gospel to the whole world. Over 3,700 churches in the USA and Canada have supported foreign missions through the organization since it's formation in 1945. God has given a great increase, and revivals in many nations is the result of faithful, consistent pursuit of the goal of world evangelization. These nations now reach out with offering unto God, and many so-called third-world countries are now evangelizing their neighbors with the Apostolic gospel of Jesus Christ.

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    Since there were some inquiring of a formal statement of Oneness doctrine, I am offering this material which should find general agreement among the fellowship and the presbytry in general.

    It is by no means comprehensive, or equivalent in some sense to a "creed", for we believe that Bible understanding is complete only in a living experience of the things of God, including an understanding of the nature of God. Ultimately the Bible says "Let every man be prepared to give account of that hope that is within him"

    The Biblical message of the mighty God in Jesus Christ is perhaps the greatest distinctive of the United Pentecostal Church International, distinguishing is from trinity Christianity, including Trinitarian Pentecostals. This doctrine, commonly known as Oneness, can be defined by two affirmations: (1) There is one God with no distinction of persons; (2) Jesus Christ is all the fullness of the Godhead incarnate. n other words, all titles of the Deity apply to Jesus, and all aspects of the divine personality are manifest in Him.

    The basis of this biblical doctrine is an uncompromising belief in one God: monotheism. Simply stated, God is absolutely, and indivisably one. There are no essential distinctions or divisions in His eternal nature. All the names of and titles of Deity such as God, Jehovhah (LORD), Lord, Father, Word, and Holy Spirit refer to one and the same being. Any plurality associated with God is a plurality of attributes, titles, roles, manifestations, modes of activity, or relationships to humanity.

    This is the historic position of Judaism. Both Oneness and Jewish believers find classic expression of their belief in Deuteronomy 6:4. "The LORD our God is one LORD". God underscored the importance of this truth by commanding that His people it to teach their children constantly. Jesus also emphasized the importance of this teaching, calling it "the first of all commandments" (Mark 12:29)

    Many other Bible passages affirm strict monotheism and exclude any plurality in the Deity (Godhead). These include Isa 43:10-11, Isa 45:21, Isa 46:9, John 17:3, 1 Cor 8:4,6, Gal 3:20, 1 Tim 2:5, James 2:19

    Trinitarians sometimes explain that the OT monotheistic passages meerly speak of perfect agreement and unity among the trinity, excluding a plurality of false deities but not a plurality of persons in the true God. This would allow outright polytheism, however, for many distinct deities could exist in perfect harmony.

    Neither testament uses the word trinity or associates the word three or the word persons with God in any significant way, but over fifty times the Bible calls God the Holy One. The only NT passage to use the word person in relationship to God is Heb 1:3. It says the Son is the image of God's own person (literally "substance") not a separate person. The only passage to use the word three in reference to God is 1 John 5:7 which speaks of three ways in which God has revealed Himself to man - as Father, Word, and Spirit. It does not imply a plurality of persons any more than when we speak of a man, his word, and his spirit, and it concludes by saying, "These three *are* one."

    The following truths are also essential, though I will only provide a statement concerning each one at the moment.

    Jesus is the redemptive name of God in the New Testament. It carries the power and the authority needed by the Church, as shown in: John 14:14, Acts 4:12, Acts 10:43, Phil 2:9-10, Col 3:17

    Finally, in contrast to Trinitarianism, Oneness asserts that ...

    1. God is indivisible in number with no distinction of persons
    2. Jesus is the absolute fullness of the Godhead in the flesh He is God, Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    3. The Son of God was begotten after the flesh and did not exist in eternity past - the term only refers to God's incarnation in Christ.
    4. The Word is not a separate person, but the mind, thought, plan, or expression of the Father God.
    5. Jesus is the revealed name of God, in the NT which represents power, authority and salvation from God
    6. Water baptism should be administered orally invoking the name of Jesus Christ.
    7. believers will definitely see only one divine being in heaven; Jesus Christ.

    I hope you have profited by reading this brief script. Much slander and ignorant reference to the beliefs of the UPC often at worst prevent sincere God seekers from finding truth and receiving the blessings of God.

    The United Pentecostal Church is only one of many orgainizations which believe, love, uphold, sustain and preach these truths, through the ability given by the Holy Ghost. I encourage you to experience the power of truth and the freedom and life of the Spirit preached at some Apostolic church that holds these values permanently and with the love of God.

    I am sure you will understand that the above statements do not constitute heresy, but only a reflection of the beliefs and teaching of the Apostles which came forth from the Lord Jesus Christ, and abide in Him today. Click for additional information on Apostolic Doctrine

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