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Mr. Steve Winter
From time to time we receive inquiries regarding the preposterous claims and inventions of this character that makes his home on usenet and the web, proposing to represent and to judge Apostolic people. In April of 2001, Mr Winter filed a lawsuit against me and over 20 other defendants including AT&T, Time Warner, and others.This person attempts to consume our time and resources with a constant stream of defamations, so that since 1995 we have not considered his activity worthy of space here. However the Middle District of North Carolina Federal Court closed this case (CASE #: 02-CV-382 ) on August 24th, 2003, brief information is now provided by clicking here
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Know God ? How can I really knowGod? DK Bernard's "Handbook of Basic Doctrines"
An answer to G. Boyd's 'Sharing Your Faith with a Oneness Pentecostal' Been told that Oneness Pentecost is cultic?
Read D.K. Bernard's "Answering the Charges of Cultism"
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Response To A Cult Hunter

A Response to Charisma magazine, and J. Lee Grady's  "The Other Pentecostals" ..
The Other Side of the Other Pentecostals

testimony of salvation
by M.W. Bassett

The Anointing and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Dealing with claims by some movements that Jesus Christ was simply the first of the Anointed.

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